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2024 Rally - Updated FAQ Posted


A new version of the FAQ was posted today. It contains changes related to when you can arrive on Friday and clarifications on the length requirements for certain areas of the fairgrounds.

These points include the following:

  • Do NOT arrive at Gate 7 before 7am on Friday. It will be closed and barricaded. You cannot park or wait on Route 34 prior to 7am on Friday. Bear in mind that registration will not open until 8am, so if you arrive thru the gate 7 after 7am , you will have to wait until registration and check-in are open to be escorted to your area.

  • Several areas - Area B, Area D, and Area E(Handicap) - have length restrictions. Area E also has a restriction that requires a valid Handicap permit number to be entered during registration. If you are planning to stay in one of these areas, your trailer must be less than 36 feet in total length. If you're 36' 4", then you're over 36 feet. We use your VIN to match against the Grand Design specifications for your coach, and will remove you from that section if you exceed the length limit.

  • All of the area descriptions are found in the FAQ Addendum A.

In addition, some formatting issues with the mobile version of the site have been corrected.


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