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Everyone knows the rally is about fun, education, making new friends, and really what could be better than that?

How about all of that and raising funds to support a great charity?

Last year we introduced a new fundraising program to the National Rally which was successful beyond our wildest dreams.  Thru the generous support of everyone attending the rally, we raised a whopping $14,360 to benefit the Gary Sinise Foundation.

This year, we will be raising funds to support The Honor Network. You can read more about this fine organization here..

They do amazing work and we’re so pleased to be able to support them. 


How are we going to do this?


We're going to hold a silent auction during the rally. 

What's silent auction?  A silent auction is a classic fundraising event in which attendees place bids on items we've collected.  Using a bid sheet, bidders compete to win their favorite items and packages. When time's up, the highest bid wins the item, and all the proceeds go to the foundation.

Here’s where you come in....


if you would be interested in donating an item or a basket for the auction,

please contact Cindy Lang.

The schedule for drop-off and times the silent auction tent will be Sunday, 8/26 from 1pm - 4pm in Building A.

If you cannot drop off at that time, contact Cindy and she will arrange to get your items.

Below is a list of some themed baskets - but feel free to come up with your own ideas!  


  • Coffee basket  

  • Pampered Chef/Mary Kay/Tastefully Simple (if you’re a rep consider donating) 

  • Beer/wine basket (from your favorite local brewery or winery) 

  • Games basket 

  • Camping necessities 

  • Back up camera or other technology 

  • Grilling necessities 

  • ‘Smores basket 

  • Rainy Day basket 

  • State themed basket 

  • Reader’s basket 

  • Quilts, table runner, wall hangings 

  • RV tools 

  • RV décor 

  • Snacking basket 

  • RV safety (fire extinguisher, safety cones, etc.) 

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