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Descriptions of the Owner To Owner Seminars are found below the schedule

Owner To Owner Seminar Descriptions

Jeff Mundt
Summary:  This session covers the benefits, classes, transportation, maintenance, brands, cost and rules for e-bikes at state and national parks.  Also Lectric brand specific tips and tricks for riding and programming their e-bikes.


Basic Electricity 101
Tom Freeman
A look at the electrical power as it is used in the RV. What to expect when connected to shore power and how to get the lights on. Get an understanding of some of the confusing terms ( AC, DC, P, I, E, Inverter, Converter, Pure vs Modified Sine Wave, 120 vs 240 VAC ).  Learn about test equipment you might need and an overview on how to use it to troubleshoot issues that may come your way. This seminar will go over some of the DC power in the RV but is more centered on AC power. For a more in-depth DC power conversation see Basic Electricity 102.


Basic Electricity 102
Tom Freeman
A closer look at the DC system in the RV. How your DC system is split into 2 sections (what's up front and what's inside). A review of the power requirement for hydraulic systems and slide-outs and answers to your questions like, “Why does my battery go dead?”. For a more in-depth AC power conversation see Basic Electricity 101.


Fitness on the Road
Gary Chatham
Description - Making time for fitness may often be difficult during our travels. Join us as this class explores why fitness is important, how to make fitness a priority, and the options available that can suit your lifestyle.


Life on Wheels:
Jim Jacobus

Navigating the Transition to Full-Time Living in Your Grand Design RV!


Charting Your Course: 
Jim Jacobus

Essential Tips for Planning Epic Road Trips in Your Grand Design RV


Checklists and Helpful Hints
Shalon (& Scott) McCart 
Learn how to protect your rig while on the road by having a checklist for set-up/tear down and other helpful hints gathered from our travels.
Travel Trailer Hitches & Towing
Cory Blackmon ( Wandering Weekends )
Q&A on travel trailer hitches and towing.


RV Full Time Discussion Roundtable
Laurie Jason
Open discussion on going full time RV living and how to full time in an RV.


ravel Trailer Hitches & Towing
Cory Blackmon, Wandering Weekends
Q&A on anything weight distribution hitches and towing your Travel Trailer.


Eight Years of Full-Time Experience
Dan Oas
Things I like & Things I don’t like.
Congratulations! You’ve made the first best choice. After eight years full-time on the road, I’ve found things that work and things that don’t. Learn from my…experience.


Trade-offs of Full-Time RV Lifestyle
Dan Oas
The advantages of full-time RV life are obvious. But there are a few trade-offs you should know – and plan for – if you’re considering full-time RV life.


Meter Reading 
Jim Hinkle
This seminar is designed to give owners information on how to use a multi-meter to analyze electrical circuits in their RV.  Many direct current and alternating current components can be analyzed with these vital tools.  Owners are encouraged to bring their meters to the seminar in order to understand the different settings that may be available.


Emergency Preparedness 
Jim Hinkle 
Are you prepared to deal with an emergency on the road?  Accidents, fires, break-downs, medical problems, etc. can impact any of us.  Proper preparation can mitigate the damage and help you get back on the road faster.  This seminar will discuss real world incidents and how to better deal with them. 


RV Battery Fundamentals 
Jim Hinkle
Whether you park your RV in a permanent site with full hookups or boondock for days at a time, 
your battery bank plays a vital role in operating your RV.  The seminar is designed to identify the common types of batteries used, how to maintain and trouble-shoot them, and how to upgrade your battery bank if desired. 


Solar 101-The Basics
Howard Wilson
This seminar is targeted to owners that have little or no understanding of solar power and how it operates in an RV.  The information starts at the beginner level and, using components typically used by GD to outfit their rigs, will go through the purpose and function of each item.  Even if your RV does not have solar, this seminar will leave no doubt in your mind about solar's purpose in your GDRV!   The presentation will be available for download after the seminar at the Grand Design Technical Forum (


Solar 102-Beyond the Basics
Howard Wilson
Building on the information presented in the Solar 101 seminar, the target audience for Solar 102 are owners that want to understand the issues associated with how panels are wired, the issues associated with adding additional solar panels to an existing array, and all the "gotchas" that can impact the performance of an array.  Due to time constraints, the seminar presentation has copious links to additional online resources that go into much greater depth on each topic.  The presentation will be available for download at the Grand Design Technical Forum (


Furrion Battery Monitor
Howard Wilson
What it does and how to calibrate it.
Using a demonstration model along with video and pictures, the seminar will discuss the various functions and what exactly each function is conveying to the owner.  In other words, you'll understand the why not just the what.  In addition, the manual's calibration requirement will be discussed and you'll learn why it's not necessary to follow the instructions.


Internet on the Road
Neil Citro
Do you need internet access on the road? Are you looking to work while in your RV, need access to friends and family, or just need a little more signal? Come to this seminar for a discussion of all things mobile internet, boosters, cellular routers, and satellite (Starlink) will all be discussed as well as how to get from one bar to four while on the road.


RVing in National Parks: Utah
Deanna Simmons
National Parks are my favorite RV destinations, and Utah's Mighty Five are some of the most popular. Are you excited to visit national parks, but have questions or don't know where to start? I'll cover some national parks basics and talk about top tips for the five national parks in Utah.


RVing in National Parks: Mountains and More
Deanna Simmons 
National Parks are my favorite RV destinations, and we'll work our way across the country. Are you interested in visiting national parks, but have questions or don't know where to start? I'll cover some national parks basics and talk about Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain, and Great Smoky Mountains.


Boondocking Basics
Deanna Simmons/Neil Citro
Do you want to expand your camping options beyond RV parks, or camp somewhere that doesn’t have full hookups? Are you looking for convenient overnights outside of campgrounds, but don’t know where to start? At this seminar, we’ll talk about why we like to boondock, the opportunities and benefits of boondocking, and gear that can make it easier.


Suspension & Brakes:
Rob Farrow
Your owner’s manual has recommendations on maintenance and service of your RV suspension and brake systems.  This seminar will focus on why these requirements are in place and how to accomplish these things. There is some “homework” for this seminar . . . please read through the suspension and brake sections of your owner’s manual before this seminar.


Plumbing Systems:
Rob Farrow
We all expect water to come out of the faucet when we turn it on . . . and no where else!  There are differences in setting up to use city or tank water.  Holding tanks can be a mystery.  Do you really need to winterize?  This seminar will cover these topics and some basics of what to do when things go wrong.


RV System Overview
Brian Cravener/Rob Farrow
Show and tell about the components in your RV - Location, operation, and trouble shooting.


Radios For RVers
Dale Walsh
This presentation will be an overview of Radios for RVers. I will touch on CB and Ham Radio but focus on FRS/GMRS radios and how they are similar but different. I will also talk about the value of using FRS/GMRS radios while traveling down the highway for communication with other RVers.


Grand Design Impact Team
Emily Stahley, Cindy Heisler, The Campoholics, Keith and Raini Harris, Cortney Spencer 
What the Grand Desing Impact Team is and how owners can get involved.


Changing Lanes
Chad & Tara    
Meet and Greet, ask us anything.


Roundtable Discussion
Question and answers or discussion on things that you learned or need more clarification on that you may have missed during the week. This will be hosted by members of the Seminar Team as well as some of the OTO presenters.

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