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Welcome to Area A

Updated: Jul 13

Area A Saturday and Sunday Gatherings

I know y’all have been waiting for our announcements on our plans for Saturday and Sunday nights. The wait is over with still some small tweaks that may happen.

Saturday night will be a Trailer Trash Party that is a blast. Work on your best costumes and bring your food to make this a gathering to remember with many memories to be made. We will have some games to go along with this party that will possibly make some of y’all blush. Bring your own favorite beverage and enjoy new and old friends.

Sunday we are going to feed the group with some Texas made Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches with chips that we hope you will enjoy. We need some volunteers to bring desserts for the group.

Going to try to have a corn hole tournament Sunday with a blind draw late afternoon (time to be announced according to how many sign up on Saturday night) with the finals to be played after dinner. Bring your boards. $5 to enter 20% to the winning team and the rest to The Honor Network. Chris and Cindy do something that is very special so let’s raise some cash.


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