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Our news section is a chance to receive rally website updates, learn more about vendors and others who post. 

Website Announcement!

Back in 2022 when the new rally team stepped in, we attempted to keep you informed of National Rally activities and announcements through our website at Unfortunately, not many in the volunteer pool were(are) folks well versed in the world of IT, so those who of us who were tech-savvy did our best to put the website together that shared the information in a way that was as easy to understand as possible. One draw back was that none of us are really artistic in nature, so the site was bare-bones (visually).

We are happy to announce the launch of the NEW GDRV National Rally website ( This overhaul has taken a tremendous amount of time, not just to improve site’s format but also to redo all the documents and policies that are published into a format that is easier to manage for us and easier for you to use. I want to thank Tom Lang and Nicole Johnson, who have spent a tremendous amount of their personal time improving the site so that everyone can have a better rally experience..

Some of the improvements include:

New layout:

More visually appealing, with images from previous years showing the scale of the event different activities available.

Easier Navigation:

Easier navigation makes finding information much more intuitive.

Mobile Friendly:

Mobile-friendly format makes the page, and the documents it contains, much easier to access on a phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Faster Updating

New publishing system that allows us to update the documents shared more easily and quickly, ensuring we have the latest information available for you.

News and Announcements:

We are continuing the Newsletter and Announcement service, giving you the ability to opt-in for email announcements.

As a reminder, Grand Design helps in tremendous ways, but a large amount of the organization and support of the event is done by volunteers on their own time and on their own dime.

We hope that you enjoy the new site!

Bob Perciaccante

Wagonmaster, GDRV National Rally

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