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Update on Service Requests

Please read this entire post, there is important new information and changes.

One of the things that is important to attendees is the ability to have certain repairs made on your RV during the National Rally. After registration was opened, it was possible for attendees to submit requests for these service items.


As a reminder, these were the conditions under which Grand Design would accept service requests:

"You have an opportunity to request THREE repairs. Changes to your requests are not allowed after July 15, 2022. The only exceptions, of course, are emergency repairs and recalls.

Due to supply chain issues throughout our Industry, there are service parts availability constraints. We will do our best based on available stock, however we cannot guarantee that we will have the repair parts required to complete all repairs.

GDRV Service Technicians are on-site during the rally. The Fairground has restrictions that will prohibit certain repairs during the Rally. These are the items that they WILL NOT be addressing:

- Tank repairs (black, grey or fresh)

- Drop underbellies (unless it is an emergency AND authorized by a GDRV Support Rep)

- Replacing of major appliances, such as AC units and refrigerators

- Maintenance Items, such as resealing roof, windows and/or wipe seals

- Upgrades and/or customizations

- Customer Damage and/or Insurance work

- Fit & Finish and/or Cosmetic issues


- Any ramp door issues will be directed to LCI

- Any window issues will be directed to LCI

- Any awning or slide topper issues will be directed to LCI, Dometic, or Carefree

- Any sofa or recliner issues will be directed to LCI

There are several OEM vendors also attending the rally and having their own Service Technicians available to do repairs. They only take repair requests for units that are still within their specific warranty parameters. This information can be located in the owner’s manual, the vendor black bag, and/or the vendor’s web site. "


Unfortunately, it is necessary to change the process regarding service requests and how they will be managed for this year:

  • We will not be able to accept any NEW repair requests through the online registration system after 6/15/2022.

  • Changes to existing requests will not be accepted effective 5/15/2022. This allows for time needed to attempt to order parts and generate the needed repair orders.

  • On-site requests for repairs to be performed during the rally will not be accepted unless the circumstance is deemed an emergency AND authorized by a GDRV Support rep.

  • Requests will be categorized by priority: 1) Recalls/Emergencies first, 2) Requested service that must be performed by GDRV service personnel, and 3) Minor issues that may require parts that an average owner can perform on their own (such as cabinet handles, etc).

  • A maximum of 3 requests per RV are permitted AND THIS INCLUDES OPEN RECALLS. If there is an open recall on your RV, that will be handled as the highest priority in your request list, and will consume one of the three requests you are permitted. We will attempt as best we can to address as many items as we can, but supply chain constraints will dictate what parts are available in time for the rally.

  • Requests for repairs made outside of these parameters can be scheduled with the GRDV team to be performed AFTER the rally at the Grand Design Customer Service Center.

As disappointing as some of these changes may be, it is important to remember that not only is Grand Design dealing with supply chain issues, but in the case of the rally, we are being asked in many cases to make repairs that a dealer could not perform due to THEIR supply chain issues, adding more pressure to an already difficult process to manage. When you add the number of hours required to perform some of these recall repairs up, the sheer number of man-hours far exceeds the capacity of the service team. The changes in this process are intended to ensure that GDRV can help as many people as possible handle issues based on priority of repair needed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to


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