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Tours, Schedules, Charity, Camp GDRV, and more...

Many updates to the site this week. You will find information about the following under the 2023 Info on the main menu.

Factory Tours - how to get tickets, when the tours happen, what to expect, and guidelines for taking the tour.

Preliminary Schedule - a more recent version of the schedule that was originally included in the FAQ. This schedule DOES NOT include seminar information, that will be coming soon. This schedule is also GOING TO CHANGE, so don't start killing trees printing copies to bring with you. We'll let you know we get closer to a final version. The truth is that there is really never a final version, because things change during the rally in real time.

Camp GDRV Schedule - If you are planning to have your children attend Camp GDRV, there is a schedule for those activities.

Charity - This information has been posted for a while now, but in case you have not taken a look, please do so. If you want to contribute an item to the silent auction to benefit the Honor Network, please see the instructions on that page.

Reminder that after July 31st, there are no refunds for cancellations.


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