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Silent Auction Protocol

Thanks to the generosity of our GD owners and vendors we’re going to have an amazing auction!! Here are a few things to remember…

  1. Please do not handle the items for any reason! Please!!

  2. When the caution tape is up the auction is not open and you cannot enter.

  3. All children must be accompanied by an adult to enter.

  4. All items have a bid sheet with a starting bid and an increase bid, please adjust your bids accordingly.

  5. We have a few Mystery Boxes-these contain items, maybe a gift card and maybe some cash, however, those boxes are sealed! Are you brave enough to bid?

  6. All proceeds go to The Gary Sinise Foundation so the goal isn’t to get a bargain, but to donate to a wonderful charity!

  7. Finally, have some fun! Get into a bidding war with your friends and enjoy the auction!

  8. Visa/MC/Amex payments only. No cash or checks.


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