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Seminar Information - Vendor, OEM, OTO & Tech Corner

If you're a first time attendee, or have attended before, here's a primer on Seminars.

Seminars are sessions put together to expand your knowledge about your RV, how components work, after market accessories, and general knowledge.

The daily schedule will be in the packet given to you at registration, and is also available on the website here.

This year we have access to the entire ECCC building, so no more trips to the basement of that building.

Seminars fall into three groups:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Seminars

These are located in the ECCC Showwalter Room, and are put on by the manufacturers of the various components in your coach. Lippert, Dometic, Coleman, etc. These are great seminars to attend for information regarding use and maintenance as well as basic troubleshooting.

Vendor Seminars

These are located in the AG Hall and Pork Producers Building. All vendors who exhibit at the rally have an opportunity to give a seminar on their products. These range from aftermarket parts, caravan travel, holding tank treatments, and more. See the vendor page on the website for a list.

Owner to Owner (OTO) Seminars

These are located in the ECCC Martin & Fiddler Rooms (combined to one large room) and the Mennonite Room. These are presentations given by GD Owners to other owners on topics of interest. These presenters are just there to speak to a topic they have knowledge of and answer questions. These culminate in a "roundtable" discussion hosted on Thursday to take questions and spur conversation related to repairs, upgrades, or general how-to information. Anything goes - if you have a question on any aspect of RVing or your Grand Design (or just want to listen to other peoples questions), please feel free to drop in any time in the window.

Tech Corner

New this year we will be a Tech Corner in the Health and Family Arts building. There will be hands on displays of RV systems and personnel to answer questions. These are unscheduled and meant to provide an opportunity for attendees to drop in when they have free time. The hours are posted in the rally schedule.


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