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Section L - Land of the Lost

Who is excited!!!!! I know we are.

We had an idea and we think it could be alot of fun. So, for the Saturday night we are changing things up a bit......

We are going to put a spin on appetizer night and do a color party theme. You can look up ideas on Youtube and Tik Tok. You dress in one color and bring everything in that color and bonus if your appetizer is the same color as well. You do not have to do this, but we ask you still bring an appetizer, enough to feed 25 - 50 people. Now if you do the color party, bring additional items that are that color and dress to impress! We can't wait to see what you all come up with.

We also would like to know who would like to be a stop at the camper crawl night on Tuesday night starting at 8pm. We will have tables set up in an area so that way we can all be in the same spot and have fun. You can dress up the table, area, whatever you want.

Please let us know about the camper crawl, so we can get an idea of how many spots/tables we need to bring with us. You can email us at or message us on Facebook.


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