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RVSEF Rig weighing - important update

Updated: Jul 18

Greetings Grand Design Owners! If you signed up to be weighed, please read the following important instructions as you arrive at the rally to get weighed. You will enter through Gate 3 to get weighed. After weighing exit through Gate 2, turn right on E. Monroe st. (CR 34) and go up the hill and enter through Gate 7 to check in to the rally. (Please see the map below.)

There may be others arriving to get weighed at the same time, so just get in line and we will get you weighed quickly. Once we weigh your rig (the truck and the trailer), you will go to Gate 7 to check in with the rally and they will take you to your site to unhitch.

Immediately after unhitching (before setting up), please return to the weigh site with all cargo and passengers in the truck so that we can weigh your truck without the trailer attached. The difference between the two truck weights is needed to determine the pin/tongue weight. After we weigh the unhitched truck, you can return to your campsite and set up your RV for a week of fun at the rally. We will try to come by your rig to give you the weigh results each evening, but if we don't make it to your rig, or if you are gone, you can pick up those results at the RVSEF booth during the rally. If you forget to arrive at Gate 3, or if you arrive after 8/27 we can weigh you as you depart the rally, but we will not have as much time to answer questions and go over your report. If you have not submitted your Weigh Form, please download, complete and email it to us ( before your appointment time. This will make the process much smoother.

If you have not yet signed up and wish to get your rig weighed click this link for details and to get signed up ==> Get your rig weighed at all wheel positions (


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