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RV Swap Items + Lost&Found

RV Item Swap Tables

Be sure to bring those never used, unwanted, no longer necessary RV items that you still have hanging around and are willing to give away. There will be a few tables set up on the west side of Bldg. A where you can put your clean and serviceable items on display for consideration by others. These items are offered at no cost to others. Please, no used septic tubes!

While you’re at it, feel free to take anything you think might come in handy. Never know what’s going to show up on those tables so plan to check them out often.

Note: Items left on the table after the Farewell Dinner (Thursday, 31 AUG2023 @ 2000) will be deemed recyclable!!!

Lost and Found

For everyone’s awareness, during the rally, there will be a table adjacent to the RV Item Swap Tables for use as a “Lost & Found” depository. Please note that if you have found an item of potentially significant personal value (wallet, purse, keys, credit card, large amount of cash, etc.) please hand off those type items to rally staff in the Rally Operations Office, located on the north end of Locust Street. We will do our best to locate the owner. Thank you.


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