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Registration Updates, FAQ & Schedule Changes

Reminder that registration opens on April 1st at noon eastern.

Here's a question we get in many forms:

I tried to get a ticket, but was unsuccessful. What happens next?

Just a reminder, the FHU areas have the most demand, and competition. There are no bad locations at the fairgrounds, so don't fret if you don't get your first choice. There are public restrooms and showers if you want to conserve tank space. You will get 2 dump tickets to use for those areas that don't have FHU.

If you don't get a spot, and the rally is COMPLETELY sold out, we will turn on the notification system we implemented last year. The notification system works like this - you send an email to a specific email address(we'll tell you that when we turn the system on) with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. When a spot becomes available, in any area, everyone who has subscribed to the list gets an email, all at the same time. This way, everyone has the same chance to secure that spot.

Last year we had sites available right up until 2 weeks before the rally that were not used, so if you don't get a spot on Saturday, bear in mind that things change throughout the spring and summer, and spots will become available.

FAQ Changes - new question added to the Enjoy The Rally section.

I requested service on my trailer that requires the technician to be inside of my unit, but I have replaced my factory locks with a keyless or other brand of lock(i.e. RVLock). How will the technicians get into my trailer to perform the work?

If you have replaced the locks, the technicians will not be able to access your unit without you present. They will coordinate with you on-site so that you can be there to let them in.

If you have the factory locks, the technicians will be able to access the inside of your unit.

Schedule Updates

The times have changed for this excursion. The agenda has been updated.

Wednesday, August 30 – History in Motion Tour

Board the Bus 8:00A

Bus Departs 8:15A

Tour 8:15A-4:00P


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