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Registration Update!

Clarifying Questions We Are Seeing Repeated - Please Read!

All - here's a few questions we are seeing being repeated on FB and other social sites. Please bear with us, there were 600+ registrations in less than 45 minutes today, and we have some effort to get through those and reconcile. Please be patient as we work thru the registrations.

  • How do I get on the waitlist? - Please consult the FAQ on the website, we do NOT have a waitlist, we have a notification system that will be implemented as soon as we have had a chance to reconcile the orders. The procedures for getting on that notification list will be posted on the web site and here on FB when we're ready to turn that on.

  • I didn't see an option to rent a golf cart or purchase an excursion? - As was indicted in the video, the FAQ, and the registration information on the website, the tickets for golf carts and excursions were on the same page as the area tickets, you just needed to scroll down to see them. If you have an area ticket you can go back into EventBrite and purchase the golf cart rental or the excursion tickets.

  • How do I print my ticket? - As the FAQ on the website indicates, all the tickets are electronic, and there is no need to print anything.

  • Can I get on the notification list to switch to a different area if I didn't get my first choice? - No, this is addressed in the FAQ.

  • Will sites become available? - most likely, yes. Last year we had sites available up to two weeks before the rally.

Please be patient - we will get information to everyone as soon as we can.

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