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New 2022 National Rally Team

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

With the 2022 season approaching, there will be a new team working with Grand Design on the National Rally!

Myself and my team will make an attempt to fill the huge shoes of Red and Pam Mansfield Beers in coordinating the 2022 National Rally. A HUGE shout out to Pam and Red - I am sure most have no idea the amount of work and personal sacrifice that they have put into making this event a tremendous success, and we are going to try to do with 6 what they did with 2 - fingers crossed! We have been responsible for running the Mid-Atlantic rally for the last 6 years (actually, 7, but we skipped 2016) so we have experience in large events, but we are always open to feedback, comments, etc! We will be working with Pam and Grand Design to make sure that there is a smooth transition, and will also be making some changes we hope will make communications easier with folks interested in attending. We know that not everyone is into Facebook, and even those who are are likely confused by the sheer number of places that information can be found. To make this easier, we are putting together a new website - - to make sure that the latest information is available to everyone, on and off Facebook. We have also set up a new email address - - if you need to get in touch with us. Since we know this will come up: 1) No, we don't have the date decided on when we will be opening registration yet - likely early April. 2) No, there is no list to be added to for notifications at this time. 3) Yes, we are apparently nuts.

More to come!


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