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March 28 Update We're Live!!!

Today's the day! We've published a great deal of new content on the site and given you all the information you need to prepare for ticket purchase and registration. In addition, you can get a preview of the schedule, including off-site excursions, factory tours, and the seminar agenda. That being said, we're a long way from the rally itself, so expect things to change. This site is the place where you will always find the most current information.

There is a facebook page, found here. Information from here will be shared there as well. This site will always be the place where you will find the most up-to-date information. If you have not subscribed to the site, we suggest you do that. We will email all subscribers on a periodic basis with updated information. The FAQ page is your place to find the answers to all the common questions. If you find a problem on the site, send an email to


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