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Get your rig weighed at all wheel positions

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The RVSEF will once again be providing our wheel position weighing service for Grand Design owners attending the rally. The cost is $70 (all credit cards, apple pay, cash or check). We are making arrival appointments to be weighed as you arrive and before you check-in to the rally. We will also be at the rally to make departure day weighing appointments.

To make an arrival weighing appointment, click here--> Grand Design Rally (

and click on the large green button to make your arrival weighing appointment.

After weighing you will receive a comprehensive report of the individual wheel weights, axle weights, pin/tongue weight and percentage, gross vehicle weights for both your truck and trailer, and any warnings of over-weight conditions for tires, axles, hitch, GVWR and GCWR. You will receive tire pressure recommendations based on your individual weights and the tire load inflation tables for your specific tires. With this information, along with our presentation on RV Weight and Tire Safety, you will learn a lot about how to safely RV within the weight safety limitations established by the manufacturer of your truck and trailer.


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