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Fitness Opportunities During The Rally

New this year, Reflection owners Gary and Linda Chatham will lead several fitness activities for all ages and abilities. These activities apply many of the same principles shared from their Tuesday morning seminar, "Fitness on the Road."

Monday PM Bike Ride: Do you enjoy riding your bike and having the wind at your face? Join us for a leisurely 1 or 2 hour ride on the nearby Pumpkinvine Nature Trail. You'll meet other cycling enthusiasts and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Goshen. We'll depart promptly outside of Building A at 1 PM, and please be sure to bring a water bottle and wear a helmet.

Tuesday AM Yoga: Bring your yoga mat and join us for a time to connect with your physical, mental, and spiritual self. We'll begin at 9 AM in Building A and don't feel awkward if it's your first time trying yoga. This activity will consist of basic moves and will cover why it's an effective option for RVers.

Wednesday AM Body Weight Exercises: After turning 30 years of age, we lose nearly 5% of muscle mass every decade. While this decline heightens the importance of strength training, traveling with weights is difficult for RVers. However, body weight exercises are another alternative, and can be as effective as weight lifting. Beginning at 9 AM in Building A, Gary and Linda will offer some different routines.

Thursday AM Walk/Run: Whether you're a walker or runner, start your day by lacing your shoes and get your blood pumping. We promise there will be no speed records set during this 45 minute activity and everyone is welcome. We'll meet outside of Building A at 6:30 AM while it's still cool and begin with some light stretching before departing.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing the benefits of fitness.

Gary and Linda Chatham


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