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FAQ Updates - 3/24/2023

All - the following updates have been made to the FAQ. The changes are in Italics and blue.

What does it cost to attend?

The cost to attend the rally is $460 for each rig. This includes up to 2 adults and any minor children under the age of 18. Each additional adult staying in the rig is an additional $125. The fee includes camping(Friday Aug 25th-Friday Sept 1st), and helps to cover four dinners and four breakfasts, Monday through Thursday. All attendees are expected to depart on Friday, September 1st unless you have made arrangements with the fairgrounds.

Is it true Grand Design will work on my rig at the rally?

Yes. GDRV service technicians are on-site during the rally but they DO NOT DROP UNDERBELLIES and they DO NOT PERFORM MAJOR repairs (as in pull slides or change front caps, etc.) Additionally, there are several OEM vendors also attending the rally, however, they only take requests for units that are still within their specific warranty parameters. This information is in the owner’s manual, the vendor black bag, and/or the vendor’s web site. During registration, you will have an opportunity to request THREE repairs. NO changes to your requests are allowed after registration. If you register after June 1st, you will not have the option to have service done on your unit. The only exception of course are emergency repairs and recalls. Due to supply chain issues throughout the RV Industry, there are service parts availability constraints. The Grand Design Service Team will do their best based on available stock, however they cannot guarantee that they will have the repair parts required to complete all repairs.

Can we stay following the Rally?

Yes, you may pay the fairgrounds directly to stay in your rally spot until NOON on Labor Day, based on availability. Payment for any night after Thursday, August 31st is to be paid directly to the fairgrounds and this can be done when you arrive for the rally. If you wish to stay past Labor Day you will need to arrange this with the fairgrounds.

Will there be courtesy transportation available between the buildings and campground?

Yes, transportation will be available from Monday to Thursday evening. Monday through Thursday hours: 7AM to 7PM – Watch for the 6 six seater golf shuttles (we call them “Gubers”) running throughout the grounds.


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