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Excursions, Service Requests, and Add-Ons

To assist with the ongoing discussion in various forums about how to sign up for excursions, service requests, and add-ons, here's some useful reminders. In the video, and in the documentation posted on this site, the instructions were included. If you did not purchase these items when you bought your ticket(everyone had the opportunity, you just needed to scroll down past the Area ticket options to see them), you can add them, if spots are still available. Use the same Purchase Tickets link at the bottom of the Registration page, click on the green Register button, and scroll down past the Area Ticket options. Select the options you want, including the 3 service requests for Grand Design, and then check out again. Your Area Ticket is not affected by this. Hope this helps.

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Today's updates include the following: A video walkthrough of the registration/ticket process has been created, and you can find the link on registration page on the website. A document that describes

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