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Didn't Get a Ticket - Still Want One?

Even though the event is currently sold out, we expect ticket changes right up until the event begins. Those currently holding tickets may find that they cannot attend for one reason or another, and when that happens, those tickets will become available. We have created a notification system to let you know there are tickets available. They are available on a first-come, first served basis. Everyone who subscribes will receive the notification at the same time. To add yourself to the notification process, go to the home page:

Note: You will still need to acknowledge that you comply with any restrictions for the campground areas. If a ticket opens up in a section that only allows rigs 35' or under, you cannot purchase that ticket for your 42' Solitude. Same goes for handicap sections. If you are not familiar with the ticketing system, here's a great video that actually walks you through the entire process. Additional information is found on the Registration page.


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