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Campground Info Near The Fairgrounds

Updated: Jul 28

There are many first timers coming to the rally. You are in for a great experience! For those unfamiliar with the area and looking for a campground to stage overnight or to stay before or after the rally, here's a list of campgrounds within 30 minutes of the fairgrounds. These are in no particular order, and the rally organizing team does not endorse or formally recommend any of these sites. This is simply for your information purposes.

Elkhart KOA Campground

Shipshewana South Campground

Eby Pines Campground

Shipshewana North Campground

Elkhart Campground

Pla-Mor Campground

The Garden Campground is new and right off the turnpike.

Their contact info is: (574) 266-2121

Safe Travels...


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