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Calling All Crafters....

Craft Hour with Kathy Gurgone, Imagine Owner

Come join us for Craft Hour with Kathy Gurgone, Imagine owner, on Monday and Tuesday at 2:00pm on the west side of Building E. On Monday, Kathy will teach the Joy of Wabi-Sabi, an introduction to Sashiko and Boro-boro as a way to document your travels. This class is aimed at teaching an ancient art form in a modern and colorful way. On Tuesday, Kathy will teach a Random Act of Kindness craft: I Found a Quilted Heart ( Both classes are rated for beginners to experienced crafters. No registration or materials are required, and it’s free to attend.

Feel free to attend even if you don’t sew or don’t want to learn a new craft! You can bring along your projects and enjoy the company of other crafters.

Open Crafting Time

We are pleased to offer open crafting time in the dining tent on Wednesday and Thursday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. This drop-in time is open and unstructured, and is space for crafters to get together, learn from each other, and connect through their hobbies. (FYI: the dining tent does not have electrical outlets.)


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