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Calling all Area A Attendees!

Kim and I are excited to host section A again this year and wanted to catch you up on some of our plans to meet and greet each other.

This is our pre rally before the large rally kicks off so we want each of you to become part of the Grand Design family.

On Sunday August 28th we will be hosting a hamburger and hotdog supper. We would like each of you with Blackstone grills to please bring them. Additionally those with last names beginning A thru G bring desserts, H thru P bring a side dish, Q thru Z bring chips.

On Monday August 29th we will be having a chili cook-off. We would like each of you to bring your favorite along with the condiments you would use. There will be special prizes for the top 3. Dinners will start at 6pm at our site. We will have a Grand Design canopy up. Kim is planning some special games including minutes to win it. If you are interested in volunteering to help us prepare and with games please email us at

Praying for safe travels for each of you.

Mike and Kim


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