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Boondocking Opportunity At 2024 National Rally

We wanted to announce a special opportunity for those of you looking for a ticket to the 2024 National Rally.

In 2024, we will be testing out a new Boondocking camping option, and we are making it available to everyone immediately. There are some very specific rules governing these spaces. Here are a few of the highlights, but the entire list is available on the FAQ & Information Page. We suggest you read all the rules carefully before purchasing one of these tickets.

  • This is a TRIAL, so there are likely to be wrinkles in the process. We have a very experienced boondocker who will be the Area Host for this new section, so there will be direct, experienced support to help navigate any wrinkles identified.

  • Only experienced boondockers with appropriate experience and equipment will be accepted for this trial. We will contact each person to confirm the information they share. If there is not a good fit, you will receive a full refund.

  • The cost for these sites is the same as any other site (the fairgrounds charges us the same regardless of location) and will be located near the registration tent

  • As with other tickets, if you already have a registered site, you will not have the option of transferring to a boondocker site.

  • As with other tickets, if you purchase a boondocker site and meet the requirements, you will not have the option of transferring to another area if a site becomes available.

The results of this year's trial will determine whether this option will be available in the future.

Below is a screen shot of the FAQ & Information Page. The blue arrows indicate the link to the boondocking rules.


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