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Best RV Kit on the Market to Wash and Wax Your RV. Also, Introducing the New Solar Panel Cleaner!

Hey Y'all, Chris and Cara Adams here, National Show Dealers for Wash Wax All. We are excited to be here and participate in your Rally! Stop by our booth and attend our Seminar, "Best Practices to Maintain the Exterior of Your RV".

We will discuss the various methods to maintain the Exterior Shine of your RV. He will break down the Time, Effort and Value of each method. You work hard for your money. Educate yourself on all methods and proper tools needed, before you purchase products and tools you don’t need. He will show you how to save time and money. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing tools not originally developed for washing and waxing your RV. You will learn how to Wash and Wax a 40ft RV anywhere and place in less than 2 hours. Yes, you read that right, WASH and WAX in less than 2 hours!! We will review do's and don'ts, debunk home remedies, use of proper tools specifically made for your RV and methods to increase your safety. If time allows, we will discuss in more detail, roof maintenance/cleaning, awning cleaning made easy, bug removal and rubber gasket/tire care. Time will be allotted for Question and Answers. We will introduce you to, Wash Wax All , which ranks number #1 or is in the top 10, on National Reviews, YouTube, GDRV4Life, Changing Lanes and many more The Tools and Products were specifically developed for washing and waxing your RV, Auto, Boat, Plane and more. How did it get better? Brian took his patent and re-engineered the Waterless Wash Wax Mop Head by adding holes to the top of the Head. You now have an RV Kit that gives you all the tools and products needed to Wet Wash, Waterless Wash, Wax, Remove Bugs, Remove Streaks, Clean Glass, and much more. This system will save you $100s, even $1000s of dollars, while “Maintaining the Showroom Look of Your RV”. This kit gives you the option to Wash and Wax anywhere without a bucket, hose, or ladder in 2 hours or less. In addition, it gives you the option to Wet Wash when a water hose is available for use. This is truly the All-in-One Kit!!! Rally Specials will be offered to all participants! Come See Us! Thanks again for your support of a Veteran Owned Business! Blessings.



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