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Our news section is a chance to receive rally website updates, learn more about vendors and others who post. 

Arts & Crafts Opportunities During The Rally

ARTS AND CRAFTS CLASSES are held in the morning from 10am - 12pm in the Home & Family Arts Building.

  • Tuesday:         Introduction to Cricut (Free, sign up required)

  • Wednesday:   Fairy Wand Garden Stakes (1 for $15 or 2 for $25, sign up required)        

  • Thursday:       Cardmaking ($2 per kit, kit includes 3 cards/envelopes, sign up required)

To sign up for any Arts and Crafts classes please send an email to:  Include your name, the area you registered in(A, B, C, etc.) when you purchased your ticket, and the number of kits you are interested in purchasing.  Cash payment can be paid at the start of class.


CRAFTING SOCIALS - Are held in the afternoon from 1pm – 3pm in the Home & Family Arts Building. Consult the MAP for the exact location. 

Crafting socials are free, and each includes a food exchange.

Monday:            Sewing Crafts

Cookie exchange.  Bring a dozen to share; Lemonade will be provided


Tuesday:           Paper Crafts

Finger Sandwich exchange.  Bring a few unique sandwiches to share, Iced tea will be provided.


Wednesday:   Yarn Crafts

Game Day food exchange.  Bring your favorite game day food to share, Soda will be provided.  Bring your favorite card or board game to play.


Random Act of Kindness Project

Scrappie Lappies, Lap robes for folks in wheelchairs. This project can be done as you travel or you can work on them during our afternoon socials.  We will be donating these to a nursing home in Elkhart at the end of the rally.  Most lap robes are 40-50" wide by 40-50" long, with the standard being around 48” x 48”.  They are normally made from the leftovers from other projects.  They can be quilted, crocheted, knitted, tied fleece, etc.  Bring them to either the class or socials for collection.

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