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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

It's Wednesday already!! Tonight's Dinner will be at the LAMB BUILDING at 505 Locust Street. This is not the same building as Monday nights Dinner. Food will be served 5:30-7:00. Have your "big white ticket" with you. I will be in front of the building for those who have not check into our areas to get their tickets.

There will be SOME chairs and tables available, so please bring your chairs especially to enjoy The McQuires at the park stage.

Also, don't forget we will be judging site decorations on Thursday, so us that Patriotic Spirit.

There is a picture op in front of building "A" with a tiny Amish Buggy.

We hope you are enjoying yourself at the 2022 GD Owner's National Rally, making new friends and gaining new information.


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